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Welcome to my personal home page where you will always find my current contact information.

Below are my address and contact details in Scotland. If you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, you will have to dial the international access code in place of the plus sign (011 from the US and 00 from most other countries). If you are calling from within the United Kingdom, you do not need to dial the international access code (00) or the country code (44). Instead, you simply dial a zero (0) and the rest of the phone number. If calling from the US, please remember that Scotland time is 5 to 8 hours ahead of US time depending on where you are (5 hours from New York and 8 hours from Los Angeles).

47 (3F2) Thistle Street
Edinburgh EH2 1DY
Scotland, UK

Home: +44 (131) 226 6663
Fax: +44 (131) 226 6663
Mobile/SMS: +44 (7803) 130 645

The best way to contact me is to call my mobile phone since I almost always have it turned on and with me. Alternatively, you can send an SMS (short text message), which can be up to 160 characters, to my mobile phone using the SMS capabilities that are available on mobile phones used throughout Europe and Asia. Free SMS messages can also be sent from the web to any mobile phone in the United Kingdom by registering on one of the following web sites, Lycos UK at or O2 at

For those of you calling me from the United States you now have the option of using one of the two local US numbers noted below. The numbers ring directly into my home in Edinburgh so please keep in mind the time zone differences noted above. Both numbers will give you the option to leave a voice mail message if I am unavailable to take your phone call.

Denver, CO: +1 (303) 552 0222
Fair Lawn, NJ: +1 (201) 300 0166

I also maintain a Colorado mailing address and mobile phone as noted below.

738 Minter Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
United States of America

Mobile: +1 (720) 240 7454

For those of you who wish to send mail to my US address, I have arranged for my US mail to be bulk mailed over to Scotland once a month. This means the mail will be 4 to 6 weeks old by time I receive it. In most cases, you are better off sending mail directly to my UK address, especially if it is time sensitive.

My mobile phone is only activated when I am in the US. It is the best way to get in touch with me during those times. When I am not in the US, my mobile phone is deactivated and is not capable of receiving any voice messages. During those times, please use one of my local US numbers or call me directly in the United Kingdom on my mobile phone.

I also encourage you to use my email address pgy at ('@') pgy dot ('.') com (need to show my email address this way to help reduce the overwhelming amount of SPAM) to communicate with me. I usually check my personal email every day.


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Cherryvale Fire Protection District - Boulder, CO - Member from 1985 – 1990. Served as Lieutenant.

Fair Lawn Volunteer Heavy Rescue Squad - Fair Lawn, NJ - Member from 1984 – 1987.


Cool Pictures

Cliff in Clounds


Yosemite National Park